Humphrys Dawson know that situations can sometimes arise where there are serious concerns about a child’s immediate safety and welfare. There are also instances where social services will seek to intervene to remove children who they believe are vulnerable and unsafe in their environment.

Disputes concerning children can present parents, family members and courts with some of the most challenging decisions of all. The Children Act 1989 is the main legislation which provides the law on this and our family department specialises in all aspects of Children Law from child arrangements following separation to care proceedings and adoption; to domestic and/or violence injunctions as well as; divorce and financial matters.


Our experienced solicitors are devoted to this area of practice and offer a down to earth, honest and supportive service with unwavering commitment and sound and considered advice in the best interests of each client.


The family law team includes accredited members of the SRA Children Panel and offer a free initial assessment consultation. The Children Law Accreditation provides a recognised quality standard for practitioners representing children in children law proceedings and is a means of identification for professionals, such as guardians, to identify suitably qualified practitioners when representation of a child is required.


We are contracted by the Legal Aid Agency and can help you apply for Legal Aid. Should you not be eligible for Legal Aid we will advise and inform you fully from the outset of your case of the likely costs involved and payment options open to you.

Areas of specialism:

  • Care Proceedings;
  • Social Services Involvement;
  • Adoption;
  • Private Law Proceedings, such as Residence/Contact/Prohibited Steps/Specific Issue disputes;
  • Domestic Violence Injunctions;
  • Discharge of Care Orders;
  • Contact with Children in Care;